Brettspill – Scene it? 007 Edition

Sist endret: 4. February 2012

Scene it? 007 EditionUtgivelsesår: 2004
Utgiver: Mattel
Designere: Craig Kinzer og Dave Long
Antall spillere: 2-4

Kunnskapsspill som kombinerer spørsmål og videoklipp.

Tekst på boksen
This James Bond Scene It Super Game Pack is bound to leave you shaken and stirred! Explode the femme fatales, lethal gadgets and top secret trivia about the world’s most remarkable secret agent, with this super game pack. Meet Bond. James Bond. Experience his incredible adventures… get close to his beautiful women…. discover his lethal gadgets… and challenge your family and friends to answer Top Secret trivia about the world’s most remarkable secret agent. From the novice spy to the Bond afficionado, the Super Game Pack has the golden touch. Enjoy scenes packed with the best of 007- for your eyes only. Enter the amazing world of 007 with the James Bond super game pack. Super Game Pack Contents: 1 Game DVD (same DVD content as original James Bond game), 4 Collectible Game Tokens, 100 Trivia Cards, 15 Q Cards, 1 Category Die, 1 Alternate Game Play Instruction Sheet.


Scene it? 007 Edition